A Psychic Journey: Advice by Melissa Stevens

Melissa Stevens created this website around 2013. When the site’s domain registration expired the site disappeared from the website. I recently bought the domain and recreated the site from its archived pages. I often went to psychic readers when I was younger. Before I would go I would always put on my favorite T shirt with Batman's iconic image of a bat's silhouette in an oval. Plus I would only wear my collection of seven cz rings. Seven being prime and CZ which is for cubic zirconia, the sparkly, synthetic substance that jewelry manufacturers use to create as the best alternative for a real diamond. I found that the best CZ rings are as beautiful and as captivating as the real thing and you can buy CZ jewelry in all sorts of gorgeous colors. Purple and yellow being my favorites.

My mother would look at the t-shirt and tell me it looked like someone's mouth with weird teeth. She was focusing on the negative lighter colored spaces. "Why don't you wear your Batman t-shirt with the actual masked man's face. It would be more obvious." Obviously, my mother was not a Batman fan. She did like my CZ rings and had borrowed several when she was going out to an "event". Anyway, this particular t-shirt made me feel confident to walk into the local psychic reader's store front door and have a reading. It always felt somehow mysterious and rather exotic with the strange decorations, odd pictures, crystals everywhere and this woman whom I always thought looked like a gypsy from the movies. Now-a-days with online psychic readings the vibes are a whole lot different. What hasn't changed is my wearing a Batman t-shirt. When I discovered Melissa's website I felt to offered good advice for seeking out a psychic online.
The advice that Melissa gave is a pertinent today as it was when Melissa first created it. Enjoy.

My name is Melissa Stevens+, and I've been consulting with psychic advisors for the past 5 years. I created this blog to help others avoid scams and find a REAL psychic reader.


Before Getting A Psychic Reading, You Need To Read Every Word on This Page!


How To Get A Real Psychic Reading And Avoid Scams

Whether you need expert advice on a relationship issue, or just need some insight into your future, getting a psychic reading can be a powerful and life-changing experience. Unfortunately, finding a real psychic that has true ability is not an easy task.

A simple search online will give you dozens of different clairvoyant psychics and mediums to choose from. So, how can you tell which psychics are genuine, and which ones are fake? Hopefully, that’s where I can help!

My name is Melissa Stevens, and I have been consulting with psychic advisors for the past 5 years. I created this blog to share the experience and knowledge that I have gained over the years. If you keep reading this page, I will teach you:

  1. Why all psychic networks are NOT created equal.
  2. How to avoid the biggest psychic scams floating around the internet.
  3. Where to get 100% real psychic readings from authentic psychics.

Why Not All Psychic Networks Are Created Equal

Did you know that some networks will let anyone sign up to be a “psychic reader” by simply filling out an online application on their web site? That’s a scary thought, right? That means almost anyone can claim to have psychic ability, and then start making money by offering predictions that will likely never come true!

Some psychic networks will actually remove negative feedback or reviews left on their web site from past customers! They will leave only the positive reviews, to make themselves look better than what they are. And in some instances, some companies will hire friends or 3rd party services to leave fake reviews in order to make themselves look good. This makes finding a legitimate psychic even harder than it already is!

But don’t worry – Not all companies are shady, and there are several genuine psychics that I recommend further down the page. These companies I have used time and time again, and have never been disappointed with any of my readings. But before I divulge my top recommended psychics, I want to show you how to spot a scam from a mile away.


Online Psychic Scams That You Need To Avoid!

  • The Curse Scam – If your psychic reader asks for extra money to remove a “family curse” or “expel demons”, then run in the opposite direction! This is one of the oldest scams in the book, and there’s not such thing as curses!
  • Cold Readings – If the psychic reader is asking a lot of questions, then chances are that they’re giving you a “cold reading”. This is where the psychic gains as much information about you as possible, and then makes educated guesses based on what they think you want to hear.
  • Free Readings – If a company offers “free psychic readings”, keep in mind that there’s always a catch. No psychic can stay in business by giving away free readings. This is just a gimmick to get you on the phone, where they give you generic information and convince you to pay extra money to continue the reading so you can get the real answers you’re seeking.

Additional Money – A true psychic should never ask you for extra money for ANY reason. You should only be charged a flat-rate for the reading, or on a per minute basis.



Cheap Psychic Phone Readings – Three Reasons to Choose Carefully

Cheap psychic phone readings may sound like they are a good idea, but as with so many things that only sound good, they are usually not. The old rule of thumb is that you get what you pay for, and it is no different in the world of psychic phone readings. Some cheaper phone readings services are not of high quality, nor are they particularly reliable. That’s why it is best to tread carefully when shopping around for these services. Here are the three reasons why you should be cautious when shopping around for thesecheap psychic phone readings.

Fake Information Passed Off as Legitimate Information

You get what you pay for, so if you go with a cheaper online psychic service, you’re not going to get a high-quality reading in return. In fact, you might even be totally scammed in some respects. One of the oldest tricks in the book that some unethical psychics can practice is asking for either your birth date or your star sign. This is the first part of their scam. They will then use the information you provide them to consult their local paper for that specific day’s astrology reading. Then, they will simply use that astrology reading as the basis for their consultation with you, just making it sound a little bit different to make it seem as if they are specifically applying it to you!

A Cheap Psychic May Use Cold Reading Techniques

Many low-quality and fraudulent psychics often use cold reading to deceive clients. Cold reading essentially involves the psychic making a bunch of high-probability guesses based on the reaction of their clients to questions asked by the psychic. Psychics use this manipulative technique to persuade their clients that they really know much more about them than is really true. It’s a way to make them believe that they are really psychic when they’re not. Cold reading can involve general questions about where clients live, how old they are and other queries related to socioeconomic details. Details like these can help cheaper phone psychics make educated guesses about their clients’ lifestyle and relationships, but it’s really just Psychology/Sociology 101. You definitely want to avoid these types of phony psychics when looking for cheap psychic phone readings!

Making Themselves Out to Be Better Than They Are

Another common tactic of psychics who work cheaply online is to make themselves out to be bigger and better than they are. They are clearly attempting to impress their clients in order to get more word-of-mouth referrals, but this is completely immoral. Often, this tactic will entail immoral psychics bragging about how apparently well known they are. Some may even go so far as to claim that they are known across the world. Still others claim that they have even performed readings for Hollywood actors and actresses. However, if all the online psychic has is a website (usually poorly designed and not responsive or pleasant to navigate), and you’ve never heard of them, then it’s a great bet that they are complete phonies.

These are the three reasons to choose very carefully when shopping around for these cheap psychic phone readings. After all, you do get what you pay for, and this applies also to the area of psychic readings online. Beware of any online psychic who exhibits some of the warning signs described above. These psychics are not trustworthy, don’t have any real psychic powers and are only after your hard-earned money. As a result, the reading you will get will be very low in quality, meaning you won’t get your money’s worth. It’s best to avoid these “psychics.”




How To Prepare Yourself For The Best Online Psychic Readings Experience

If you are looking to experience one of the best online psychic readings that you can find, then you will have to prepare yourself, your mind, your thoughts, and more to achieve success. A psychic reading can be a life changing event and can offer you a variety of benefits and advantages that only you can use to your benefit.

Whether you want to turn your life around or simply gain more insight, some of the best online psychic readings experiences can give you the opportunity to look at your life differently and to see key factors that have been or will contribute to your future. If you want to prepare yourself so that you can take advantage of what your online psychic will share with you, keep the following tips in mind.

Try To Open Your Mind

If you are new to the whole online psychic reading experience, you will have to open your mind to a whole new type of guidance. Online psychics can offer you some very astute advice and valuable guidance if you are willing to keep an open mind to their suggestions and statements. Psychic readings are not for everyone, and the people who tend to go into the experience without any assumptions or preconceived notions usually benefit much more. If you want to get everything you can out of the experience, them think of it as a learning experience, one in which you will be told what opportunities to look out for, what to avoid and how you can change negative patterns.

Let Down Your Guard

Some of the best online psychic readings are when people are given the truth about their current situation whether it relates to work, relationships or the self. if you can pull down your defensive walls when getting ready for an online psychic chat, then you will be able to hear more clearly what your psychic has to share with you. This can be hard for someone who has specific beliefs about the psychic world and profession. If you can go into the conversation ready to be raw and honest, you will be able to learn a lot about yourself.

Accept Advice From Your Psychic Counselor

If you can work on the two actions above you can greatly improve your chances of having a fantastic psychic reading experience. When your psychic presents you with advice and suggestions on what to avoid for the future or what to be aware of, accept them. It won’t hurt you to take the advice offered through the conversation and you don’t have to commit to anything. Some of the advice you may be offered might be a major turning point in your life and if you ignore it, you might regret it down the road.

Avoid Distractions and Find a Quiet Spot

If you want to have the best online psychic readings experience you need to find a place within your home where you can find peace and quiet. Escape all major distractions and if you have kids, tell them you need to make an important phone call and cannot be disturbed. Do not have a TV playing in the background or any other type of noise like a radio. Find peace within yourself before making the call to an online psychic network. Practice breathing techniques if you have a hard time grounding yourself.

These are just a few tips on how to mentally prepare yourself before talking to a psychic expert and advisor. If you really want to try this type of experience, you may feel comfort in talking to someone who has already done it or who calls into an online psychic network frequently.




Chat with Online Psychic Advisors and Find Answers




Honest Psychic Readings: Four Ways to Tell If You’re Dealing With an Honest Psychic

Maneuvering your way through the overcrowded and, sadly, disreputable world of psychics is a tricky task indeed. Unlike almost every other professional you’d hire to provide a service, there is no accreditation required to call yourself a psychic. Any person can make himself or herself a sign and hang it in their front window and start making a profit. If you’re looking for honest psychic readings from a gifted medium, you’re going to have to do a little bit of legwork to be sure that your experience is a positive one.

How’s Their Reputation?

Word of mouth is probably the best way to ensure that the psychic you choose is not just out for a quick buck or two. You could choose whomever has the most interesting sign or the biggest, sleekest advertisement in the back of a new age magazine, but you’d still be handing over your money without the slightest idea of how skilled they are. The best way to ensure that you’ll be receiving an honest psychic reading is to frequent pagan, Wicca, or spiritualist forums. By introducing yourself and becoming involved in the community, you’ll be able to learn from other people’s experiences and be referred to quality readers in your area. The more positive reviews they have from unaffiliated sources, the more honest they tend to be.

Making Contact With the Psychic

When you have narrowed down your list of providers, don’t be shy about asking for references. The medium’s response to this request is one of the quickest ways to determine if you’ll be receiving an honest reading. Any reputable businessperson should be more than willing to supply you with references so that you can feel comfortable employing them. If, during your initial phone conversation or email correspondence, you get any indication that they are hesitant, defensive, or unprepared, move on quickly.

Be Your Own Psychic

Perhaps the best way to determine if you will be receiving an honest reading is to trust your own innate psychic powers, better known as your intuition. Keeping in mind that psychic professionals are paid for their time, try to keep your initial meeting brief. However short the meeting is, remember to pay attention to your gut feelings. Is there a lot of eye contact? Does your psychic sound and act professional without seeming “slippery” or too polished? Do you get the impression that this person is legitimate? Your initial impressions will tell you a great deal so don’t ignore them. Paying attention to your gut feelings may be the difference between an honest, helpful reading and one that does nothing other than empty your wallet.

Watch for “MAGIC”

If your chosen psychic starts laying the drama on thick before you even open your mouth, you are most certainly wasting your money. Watch for mentions of curses or evil. Be wary if the psychic mentions money or fame. Be particularly concerned if this individual gives you incredible detail such as hair color, shirt color, or exact dates and names. This is the realm of exceptionally gifted, world famous mediums and although your psychic may have these powers, giving away these kind of details tends to be more for dramatic effect than honest ability.

It would be nice if it were as easy as wandering into someone’s apartment, sitting down, and letting the spirits carve a path. However, in an industry packed with charlatans, this is seldom the case. If you are searching for guidance, don’t waste your time and money on just anyone with a sign in their front yard. Do the legwork and ask the right questions. An honest psychic reading can be a life-changing experience and it’s worth the trouble to find someone who knows exactly what they’re doing.



The Secrets of Accurate Online Psychic Readings




How Psychic Readings Online Can Assist You With Setting Life Goals




Five Ways That Clairvoyant Psychic Readings Can Change Your Life




Using a Live Online Psychic Reading To Answer Questions About Your Future

Live online psychic readings are one of the revolutionary ways in which a psychic can break the boundaries that exist between states, countries, and continents. It does not matter where in the world a person is located – an online psychic reading can be performed with an Internet connection and a person who is curious about their future or who is working through life challenges. Here are some key points to understanding a live online psychic reading and how powerful and online reading can truly be in a person’s life.

Is Online as Effective as In-Person?

The question people often ponder is in regard to the effectiveness of an online psychic reading compared to the effectiveness of an in-person reading. The truth of this is in understanding that everything is energy. Being that everything is energy, there is no real time and space between a psychic medium and their client.A psychic can often pick up on a person’s energy from a distance, and online psychic mediums can definitely do their work when they are on the other end of the computer connection. With a live online psychic reading, it helps when a person is able to see the computer as nothing more than a mode of physical communication, and not a barrier that separates the energy of the psychic from the energy of the client.

Challenges That You Can Overcome Live Psychic Readings

At certain times in a person’s life, it is not uncommon for a person to be curious about their future, about where their road is headed, and about their upcoming situation and potential challenges. When that time comes, and a person has burning questions about their future, a genuine online psychic can provide powerful insight and valuable information. PsychicSource.com is an excellent website that can be used to find reputable online psychics all over the world.

Predicting future scenarios, events, and circumstances is one thing. Another aspect that people often forget about psychic mediums is that psychics can be a very beneficial person to turn to when life feels like it is falling apart. A psychic can help a person to get back on track when the person is feeling derailed in life. Furthermore, psychics are known to assist a person in removing emotional blockages, and even to help a person to recover from health challenges.

Types of Online Psychic Readings

There are numerous types of live online psychic readings available to a person who is interested in their life success, their love life, their financial gains or troubles, and their health, as examples. Online psychics are available to help a person shed grief, find peace, manage relationships, and feel better overall.

Some of the ways in which an appointment with a psychic can be beneficial is through online Tarot card readings. Tarot card readings have been performed throughout history as a way for a person to better understand their past, present, and future. Tarot card readings can also offer a person hope during difficult times. In addition to Tarot, live online psychic readings may include the use of animal spirits, astrology, numerology, charms and fortune telling.

Whether a person chooses a live online tarot card reading or another style of psychic reading, online psychic readings performed by professional and genuine psychics can be one of the ways in which a person can make a more well-rounded life decision or handle a difficult situation with more insight. Online psychic readings can provide a powerful and convenient way to discover the answers to some of the heart’s most burning life questions. Check out Asknow.com to find a reputable online psychic, today!


Six Tips To Getting The Most Insight From Your Email Psychic Reading


Email psychic readings have grown in popularity in recent years because they are a low-cost, convenient way to get valuable information from a psychic reading. With an email reading, it is possible to seek out a psychic’s services without having to invest the time and resources to travel to that psychic. Email readings are easy to fit into a busy schedule, and you can read your results from the comfort of your own home. However, due to the limitations involved, it takes some effort and planning to make productive use of psychic readings by email. Here are six strategies you can use to get the most out of your email psychic reading.

Select a Psychic Who Has Experience With Email Readings

Email psychic readings differ from traditional readings in a number of ways, and the fact that you are unable to com municate face-to-face with your psychic means you need to be selective when choosing a psychic. Not all psychics are experienced in email readings, and many prefer live readings. Choosing a psychic who has extensive experience in email readings will mean you will have a smoother and more positive experience.

Write Questions That Are Detailed and Open-Ended

When it comes to an email reading, the information you receive is only as good as the questions you ask. Unlike live readings, email readings do not afford you the opportunity to ask follow-up questions or go into greater detail. This means if you want the reading to go well, you need to take great care to construct your questions properly the first time around. Make sure your questions are specific to the situation that you wish to know about, but that they leave enough room for the psychic to make interpretations.

Follow Your Psychic’s Advice

Due to the fact that you and your psychic are spatially separated from one another, it may take some extra effort on both sides in order to make a meaningful and productive connection happen. Your psychic understands the limitations of email readings and will work with you to attempt to overcome these limitations. In order to get the most out of your email reading, follow your psychic’s instructions—give your psychics the tools necessary to help you.

Make Sure the Type of Reading Is Appropriate for Email

There are a variety of different types of readings, many of which depend on a deep personal connection between the psychic and the client. When there is no face-to-face interaction between psychic and client, certain kinds of readings are not possible. For example, aura readings are among the most complex and difficult psychic readings you may encounter. Aura readings take great skill and attention, as they rely on a deep psychic connection. A person’s aura cannot be accurately communicated via email. This means aura readings are not appropriate for email sessions. Tarot card readings, in contrast, rely on a psychic’s connection to the cards, so Tarot cards are well suited to an email reading.

Add a Personal Touch

When it comes to making effective use of psychic readings by email, it is important to make as much of a connection with your psychic as possible. Your psychic will tap into the metaphysical realm with the goal of gaining information about your life, and in order to filter out the irrelevant information, your psychic needs to have a strong sense of you as an individual. Because you are not face-to-face with your psychic, you will have to put in more effort to make a connection happen. Your psychic may ask you to describe what you do for a living or provide a photo of yourself in order to facilitate the necessary metaphysical connection.

Relax Before Reading Your Results

When receiving psychic readings by email, it is natural to get a little excited to see the reply in your inbox. However, feeling anxious or excited will not help you to properly understand the results and assimilate them into your life. When you read your results, you should be as relaxed as possible in order to ensure you get the greatest benefit from your reading. Find a quiet space where you can be alone. Eliminate any distractions that may interrupt you, and dedicate some time for reflection. The more relaxed you are when you read your results, the better an experience you will have.




Do Real Online Psychic Readers Exist?

While there’s no shortage of psychics who promise to reveal all about your life in an online psychic reading, there are those who are only interested in taking your money. If you’re looking for a legitimate psychic reader, here are some tips on how you can discern the difference between the two.

Making False Promises

While psychics are often seen as those who can tell all, if a psychic promises to bring back an old lover or tells you that riches and happiness are right around the corner, this is sign that they are not really invested in your reading. As most true psychics are only able to use their intuition to give you recommendations, they will not be able to confirm anything about what awaits you in your future life and will only be able to guide you on your life path. If a psychic is telling you that you’ll have whatever your heart desires, they are likely trying to get in your good graces so they can acquire a repeat client.

Asking Too Many Questions

It may seem like a good sign if a psychic is immediately asking you a lot of questions, but in all likelihood they are just plying you for information so they can give you the answers you’re looking for. They may manipulate you by asking you something, getting a specific response, and then revealing something about your life based on how you responded to the question, without using any intuition or ability. As a genuine psychic should be able to tell many significant things about you simply by observing you, they should not need to rely on a lot of questions to be able to provide you with a reading.

Are They Too Nice?

As the image associated with many psychics in popular culture is of one who can be both intimidating and mysterious, having a warm and bubbly psychic might make it seem like you won the online psychic lottery. However, if a psychic is excessively warm and welcoming, this may be their way of appearing trustworthy so that you will go to them for future readings. While this does not necessarily discern a fake psychic, a real psychic will generally be able to give you honest answers. At times they may come off as blunt or even unpleasant, but they will always tell you the things they see whether or not that truth is what you would like to hear.

Good Reviews and Only Good Reviews

If you’re searching online for a reliable psychic and you come across a page where all of the reviewers seem particularly impressed and there is not one bad review, this might be a sign that the psychic is not the real thing. As psychics like those at psychicsource.com have both good and bad days and will tell people what they see rather than what the client wants to hear, there may very well be some bad reviews for a real psychic. As a psychic who is not credible will simply be there for money, they will want to draw people in who want to hear only good things about their future.

As there are a number of fake online psychic readers that want to capitalize on people by providing psychic readings, it’s important to be able to tell the difference between someone who is real and someone who just wants your money. While many fake psychics will tell you exactly what you want to hear, a real one will give you a mixture of both good and bad information that is derived from their intuitions.